The Boat Man

Charly Bauer is the man who has taken care of my sailboat for the past ten years. Charly is a master boat builder and can not only fix and maintain a boat; he can build them from scratch. The man is truly amazing! In ten years, I have never had a problem that Charly could not fix, but what makes him really special is that he grew up in communist East Germany, where new supplies of just about everything did not exist, so people learned to be creative and resourceful. Buying a new part was considered a last resort (almost impossible to find, and somehow a humiliation), and was only even considered when repairing the old one was absolutely impossible. Charly still operates with that principle. 

Forget about a ‘throw-away’ society!

Charly is also the best sailor on the Scharmuetzelsee. If he’s on a boat in a regatta, chances are very good that it will win the race.

My drawing of Charly was done several years ago, and although his daughter thinks it doesn’t look like him, most people who know him disagree.